Any day now we will officially launch our campaign telling all employees they can use the intranet in every device, in every place.

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Today City of Malmö launched the new job role section “Manager”. This part of the intranet will provide work support for 1100 managers in the organisation.

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City of Malmö is active all over the town. Some people say we have offices, schools, kindergartens, visiting centers and service locations in several hundred places!

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“A top task on an intranet is finding people. […] If you’re running an intranet you must excel at finding people.” This is what intranet guru Gerry McGovern says when speaking about what an intranet manager should focus on.

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Can you state the essence about your intranet in a single sentence? You should, because then you have a chance to make the intranet stick in the minds of your executive board.

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Are you, intranet manager, thinking about entering the mobile world by making an iOS app version of the intranet, with maybe five to ten often used tools and features? Then I beg you to reconsider, because in my opinion you do not take sufficient height for the future. Because pretty soon you need to be device agnostic.

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As you probably have noted if you read my blog, City of Malmö likes open source. Our dashboard, news, blogs and wiki run on open source, and it all runs on Linux servers.

In order to be true to the open source philosophy, City of Malmö now makes its open source builds of the intranet available on GitHub.

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A while ago I wrote about our custom built dashboard. Since then we have made another iteration, and today we are in version 1.2.

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You need a CMS for generating your intranet. Statistics says either you choose A) Sharepoint, or B) some other CMS platform that delivers in the same amplitude (you hope), but with a lower price tag and not so many implementation hours (you hope again). Either way, you end up in a long-term engagement and have to accept the choices and the development pace the platform supplier chooses.

If you are full of initiative and build your own additional functions on top of the product, you are usually “punished” when upgrading. More often than not, your own functions break down and have to be rebuilt.

But wait! I am here to tell you there is a third way for your intranet.

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Our updated intranet design went live in January. Here you can see 24 screen shots. Besides adjusting the masthead we also improved our news pages.

The news pages on the intranet provide the employees with info about changes that affect the working day, they speak about what is important right now. In my blog post A new take on intranet news I wrote about the changes we made in 2012, when we introduced comments on the news pages. Now you will read about iteration #2, some nine months later.

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