35 working days into my new role as Digital Development Manager, I’ve started to find my feet.

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Starting today, I have a new job. From now on I will lead a unit of 15-20 employees working to realize the digital workplace and the digital customer service at City of Malmö. Therefore, this blog will broaden the scope and I will write about digital in a broader sense than just the intranet. But intranets will always be a core part of the digital workplace, so I’m sure you, intranet manager, will find the blog useful in the future also.

Is an intranet flawed if not every single employee uses it every day? Well, I as an intranet manager certainly would like everyone to use the intranet every day. But at the same time I can see that “everyone, everyday” isn’t feasible in my organization. And maybe should you never let anyone set this as a goal for your intranet!

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At City of Malmö we try to build in small iterations, we prefer to deliver consecutive improvements rather than big bang, “all at once” projects. This way, the intranet team is running less risk of ulcers — pressing the GO button is not so dangerous.

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Any day now we will officially launch our campaign telling all employees they can use the intranet in every device, in every place.

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Today City of Malmö launched the new job role section “Manager”. This part of the intranet will provide work support for 1100 managers in the organisation.

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City of Malmö is active all over the town. Some people say we have offices, schools, kindergartens, visiting centers and service locations in several hundred places!

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“A top task on an intranet is finding people. […] If you’re running an intranet you must excel at finding people.” This is what intranet guru Gerry McGovern says when speaking about what an intranet manager should focus on.

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Can you state the essence about your intranet in a single sentence? You should, because then you have a chance to make the intranet stick in the minds of your executive board.

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Are you, intranet manager, thinking about entering the mobile world by making an iOS app version of the intranet, with maybe five to ten often used tools and features? Then I beg you to reconsider, because in my opinion you do not take sufficient height for the future. Because pretty soon you need to be device agnostic.

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  • 80% före föredraget: vi känner till nudgning. Men 97% kunde inte gissa rätt på vilka ex som är nudgning. Förbättringspotential! #malmökomm2 months ago

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